As most people do, on the 1st of January of any year, they reflect on what the previous year dealt them, and what they would like to change/keep the same/reflect on. My experience wasn’t any different; however, the one thing that was different is that I had a deep sensation of wanting to get out of my shell, and really show the world all that I had to offer – OK maybe not all, but definitely stop sitting in a corner and wait for things to happen.

The above image was taken of my sister, following a little mountain bike ride in Hillcrest. We stopped at a look-out point and decided to take some pictures. We have cycled with one another before, and like documenting the moment – “otherwise it didn’t happen”. Now this little saying may sound very social media driven, but it wasn’t – for us it was to show our mum and family what we get up to (they’re not all on social media). However, this saying has meant a little more to me recently, upon reflection. My boyfriend made a comment yesterday, while we were discussing my ideas for the year, and the role I’d like to play in our running group/community. This comment went something like this: “Maybe they don’t take you seriously, because they don’t see you practicing, they only know you as a lecturer”. Both these comments/sayings are quite similar – the former is referring to documenting things otherwise others won’t know what you get up to, and the latter is referring to how people perceive you. These are two things I aim at working on throughout the year. I want to be able to help individuals improve in their daily activities, and give them the knowledge that us scientists have, but put into easier terminology 🙂 – amoung other things ;).

I recently published two journal articles ( ; and asked my boyfriend to read them – I wanted his feedback. Well, needless to say, it became apparent that those not exposed to scientific writing, battle to understand the research and what it can offer them. Granted, he is not a female (both articles were female specific), so they may have not seemed relevant, and thus interesting to him; but this gave me an idea – maybe I should help others by providing information, in layman’s terms to help them benefit from the ever growing research in the sport/exercise field.

So what will I blog on?…

Despite my many years of studying (BSc, BSc honours, and MSpSci), I always tend to hold back. This year I won’t! Although my blogs are going to be about different topics relating to sport/exercise, the topics will most likely stem from conversations I have had with my running buddies, colleagues, athletes I test, or my students (I am currently lecturing). If there are any topics you’re wanting me to cover – let me know 🙂


Here’s to a year of many adventures, success and countless opportunities to achieve your wildest dreams!


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